Energy Wars

Energy Wars is a strategy-tactical game about energies that lets you play through 2 centuries of scientific discoveries, wars and crisis, from the industrial revolution to the green revolution ... on your phone!

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Manage 165 countries

165 countries are fighting each other for the 1st rank and you have to find and manage the productions of coal, oil, gas, uranium that can boost their economies! By doing so, you'll activate thousands of white cities lights on the map!

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Unlock 60 skills

Teach your countries how to be greener ! Unlock dozens of renewable energies such as hydropower, windpower and geothermal energy which can make appear green cities lights on the map !

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Wars and peace

Fossile powers are not a sustainable energy and your countries will have to face many wars and crisis. Save the one country where your headquarters are and protect enough green cities !


The mines of coal, gas and oil can make you gain a lot of wealth, as much CO2 is bursted into the atmosphere. Yes it's like in the news : here's the global warming ! Huge hurricanes will increase their power and will destroy thousand of cities, collapsing your countries economies!

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"Kinda realistic" !

Try out the first 5 levels for free. Gamers, ecologists and white bear lovers may have found a game for them !

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